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Why FANGDA Here are 10 reasons
  • 01
  • Big brand
  • We are a sophisticated manufacturer of ready-to-assemble houses and a well-known booth brand in southwestern China.
  • 02
  • Sophisticated technologies
  • As a pioneer dedicated to making ready-to-assemble houses, we are able to cut the costs of transport and handling considerably.
  • 03
  • Sound quality
  • We rank among the top three manufacturers in terms of product quality in the industry. All our products have undergone six processes and five inspections before they hit the market. Their service life far exceeds that of other competitors, reaching 10 to 30 years.
  • 04
  • Diversified products
  • We provide a variety of products diversified enough for customers to choose.
  • 05
  • Competitive price
  • We are engaged with end users directly with competitive price 5% to 10% lower than market price.
  • 06
  • Robust design
  • We provide site survey and customized design.
  • 07
  • Short lead time
  • We value the spirit of contract and always deliver products as scheduled.
  • 08
  • Guaranteed transport
  • We have a sophisticated transportation team specializing in logistics, with a transportation network covering over 400 cities in China.
  • 09
  • Easy to install
  • We boast an experienced and responsive installation team of nearly 100 staff.
  • 10
  • Customer-oriented service
  • We provide 2-years warranty, setting an after-sales service benchmark for the entire industry. With a thorough after-sales service system, we are poised at any time to meet all the demands of customers.

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